Tellgen Corporation

Tellgen focus on R&D and manufacture and distribute of state of the art IVDs. Tellgen have launched the IVDs include Tumor Marker, Human Papilloma virus, ToRCH, Y Chromosome microdeletions test and TESMI ( Tellgen Super Multiplex Immunoassay) system, and all these products are SFDA certified.

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American CryoStem

American CryoStem (CRYO) is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of life-enhancing, adipose tissue (fat) based stem cell technologies. The company offers a proprietary tissue collection, processing and cryo-storage platform for (current or future) regenerative medicine applications using adult stem cells to address the impact multiple disorders.

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SunsMedic Corporation

SunsMedic Corporation has been specialized in POC system development and distribution since 2016. Their Priority focus is on immune and molecular diagnostics.With collaboration with enterprises, institutes, and clinicians, they are able to deliver rapid and precise diagnosis at the point-of-care.

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