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Get High-Quality Life Science And Genomics Solutions From NeoScience In UAE

Neo-Science - Life Science & Genomics Solutions Provider

You can turn to NeoScience if you are looking for a company to source all your medical supplies or laboratory equipment. When we speak of the medical world or Life Science, it is a vast industry that requires a constant need for supplies of equipment and machinery. We strive to cope up with the changing demands of the clinical and scientific community. At NeoScience, we have successfully delivered high-quality products to different companies. Since the responsibility to take care of lives falls on hospitals, it is incredibly crucial to keep laboratories and medical supplies up to date. For this reason, NeoScience is here to provide you with a wide array of choices for the latest technology and high-quality equipment.

What Do We Offer At NeoScience?

At NeoScience, we understand that many hospitals across the UAE are in need of modern equipment supplies, to enable them provide support healthcare efficiently. For this reason, we ensure that every hospital has the essentials that go into treating any patient. We are a certified Next Generation Laboratory Total Solution, supplying products to universities, laboratories, and hospitals across UAE. We have our headquarter in Abu Dhabi and work effectively across Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, and many other Middle East Countries.

We also have an online store where you can get hold of all our laboratory supplies and products. For a laboratory to be flourished with accurate and precise results, a lot of equipment goes into use, like laboratory consumables, genetic and genomic testing, reagents and kits, and laboratory equipment. At NeoScience, we can help you with the supplies you need for your hospital, laboratory, or university around the UAE.

The Products We Provide At Neoscience UAE

When it comes to medical or laboratory equipment, the list is endless. The requirement in all hospitals and labs is constant, from simple testing kits to primary life support machines. At NeoScience, we provide the following –

  • In-vitro Diagnostics
  • Genomics(Omics)Bioinformatics
  • LifeScience & Research(SOS)
  • Send-Out-Services (SOS) Laboratory
  • point Of Care Testing
  • Automation and Lab Devices
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Veterinary

If you need any of these products, contact NeoScience UAE. We can help you procure them easily.

Apart from this, our NeoScience UAE also provides COVID testing kits. Moreover, we can send in a nurse to your home to get your test done at your convenience. Therefore, amidst the crisis, keep yourself updated and alert with our testing facilities.

NeoScience Meets The Needs Of The Industry

At NeoScience, our vision is to grow and create new opportunities for the health and medical care sector to transform customer's dream of human advancement into reality. Our unique products enable Healthcare, Research, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotechnology to move towards steady advances. We believe in providing quality products that meet the needs of the customer. We at NeoScience Dubai employ around 100 technicians to deliver every product safely to customers and provide support.

Our Training And Certification

Our NeoScience team and products cater to the training standards of applications in Life Science and Research and Diagnostics, Oil and Gas, Agriculture and Food Sciences, Clinical and Pharmaceuticals, Environmental Sciences, and Analytical Sciences. We also provide on-site training programs that conform to specific applications and needs.

At NeoScience, we conduct on-site and onboard training programs that meet the needs of the customers. We also provide certification after the training program is over. Therefore, you can trust the quality of our products and services.

Reach Out To NeoScience

If you need our services, you can conveniently reach out to us. As Laboratory Equipment Suppliers, we cater to our customers' needs and strive to improve our products and services. We offer installation, site preparation, on-site training programs, product warranty, and a range of service plans. Our technicians will help you with the maintenance and installation procedure so that you can enjoy the benefits. If you own a laboratory and are looking for supplies that meet the needs of your medical requirements, our service plans have got you covered. 

NeoScience has been a certified provider of medical supplies for several years. We have also helped diagnostics, laboratories, and hospitals evolve with the industry's changing needs. Therefore, you can visit us if you wish to explore the kind of products and services we offer our customers. In addition, we can assist you in understanding the different equipment and their functions.

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